Ornis Fennica

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Michal Polakowski, Zbigniew Kasprzykowski & Artur Golawski: Influence of temperature on the timing of spring arrival and duration of migration in Arctic goose species at a central European stopover site PDF

Alexander Sharikov, Tatyana Kovinka & Michail Bragin: A comparative laboratory study of the preservation of different rodent bones in pellets of Strigiformes PDF

Andrea Santangeli, Stuart H. M. Butchart, Mark Pogson, Astley Hastings, Pete Smith, Marco Girardello & Atte Moilanen: Mapping the global potential exposure of soaring birds to terrestrial wind energy expansion PDF

Ainars Aunins & Andris Avotins: Impact of military activities on bird species considered to benefit from disturbances: an example from an active military training area in Latvia PDF

Grzegorz Zaniewicz, Wlodzimierz Meissner & Agnieszka Ozarowska: Estimation of fat reserves of Robins (Erithacus rubecula) migrating through the southern coast of the Baltic Sea in spring PDF

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