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Update on 13th January 2022

Ornis Fennica has changed to a new submission system and website which can be found at https://ornisfennica.journal.fi/. This change to a more modern submission system will serve both authors, reviewers and editors, and has been facilitated by the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies.

Starting from January 2022, Patrik Karell will take the responsibility as the new Editor-in-Chief. Former Editor-in-Chief Suvi Ruuskanen wishes to thank all readers, authors, reviewers and editors for the past five years, and feels honoured to be a part of the long history of Ornis Fennica, a Finnish ornithological journal.

This website will no longer be updated but will serve as an archive during the transition period.

Editorial contacts

Suvi Ruuskanen
Department of Biological and Environmental Science
FI-40014 University of Jyväskylä

Phone: +358 (0)50 516 4725

Associate Editors:
Ian Henderson, British Trust for Ornithology, UK
Chas Holt, British Trust for Ornithology, UK
Patrik Karell, Novia University of Applied Sciences, Finland
Kalle Rainio, University of Turku, Finland
Andrea Santangeli, Finnish Museum of Natural History, Finland
Robert Thomson, University of Cape Town, South Africa

Communication Editor:
Kaisa Välimäki

Technical Editor:
Maija Toivanen

BirdLife Finland
P.O. Box 1285
FI-00101, Helsinki, Finland

Phone: +358 9 413 533 00
Fax: +358 9 413 533 22

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