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Bo Söderström 2008: Unusual imitation and song syntax in a Chaffinch Fringilla coelebs during pre-breeding season. — Ornis Fennica 85: 33–36.

All recordings are from the study site near Båstad (56°25’N, 12°52’E), Scania, southern Sweden. The Chaffinch songs were recorded on 8 April 2004. The journal thanks Dr. Andreas Lindén (University of Helsinki, Finland) for technical editing of the original files.

Chaffinch song nr 1 MP3

Chaffinch song nr 2 MP3

Chaffinch song nr 3 MP3

Wren song MP3


Lykke Pedersen, Marten Geertsma & Anders P. Tøttrup 2012: Prey diversity is affected by climate and differs between age classes in the Red-backed Shrike (Lanius collurio). — Ornis Fennica 89: 99–108.

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Martin Kornan 2013: Breeding bird assemblage dynamics of a primaeval temperate mixed forest in the Western Carpathians (Slovakia): support for pluralistic community concept. — Ornis Fennica 90: 151–177.

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