Ornis Fennica

Latest issue

Vol. 91

No. 1 2014

Adam Felton, Matts Lindbladh, Johan Elmberg, Annika M. Felton, Erik Andersson, Cagan H. Sekercioglu, Yvonne Collingham & Brian Huntley: Projecting impacts of anthropogenic climatic change on the bird communities of southern Swedish spruce monocultures: will the species poor get poorer? PDF

Vladimir Borchtchevski & Robert Moss: Age structure of Capercaillie males (Tetrao urogallus) in NW Russia may reflect two-way movements – a hypothesis PDF

Olav Hogstad: Ecology and behaviour of winter floaters in a subalpine population of Willow Tits, Poecile montanus PDF

Michal Polakowski, Lukasz Jankowiak, Zbigniew Kasprzykowski, Gerard Bela, Andrzej Kośmicki, Adam Janczyszyn, Artur Niemczyk & Dawid Kilon: Autumn migratory movements of raptors along the southern Baltic coast PDF

Marcus Beike: Phalacrocorax carbo sinensis in Europe – indigenous or introduced? PDF

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