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Juan Arizaga, Daniel Alonso & Alberto Castro: Are age and body condition associated with habitat quality around avian song posts? A test with male Bluethroats at a breeding site in Spain PDF

Pekka J. Lehtonen & Jyrki Lappalainen: Individual identification of Black-throated Divers (Gavia arcticaPDF

Eva Serrano-Davies, Rafael Barrientos & Juan José Sanz: The role of nest-box density and placement on occupation rates and breeding performance: a case study with Eurasian Blue Tits PDF

Gintare Grasyte, Saulius Rumbutis, Mindaugas Dagys, Daiva Vaitkuviene & Rimgaudas Treinys: Tawny Owl females of intermediate colour morph reproduce better and increase in a local polymorphic population PDF

Grzegorz Olos: Is “banging” an antipredator behavior in Common Swift (Apus apus)? PDF

Aleksi Lehikoinen, Jarkko Santaharju & Anders Pape Møller: Sex-specific timing of autumn migration in birds: the role of sexual size dimorphism, migration distance and differences in breeding investment PDF

Degitu Endale Borecha, Tomas Willebrand & Olafur K. Nielsen: Lek site defines annual spatial use of male Black Grouse (Tetrao tetrixPDF

Pauliina H. Järvinen, Edward Kluen, Maiju Tiiri & Jon E. Brommer: Experimental manipulation of Blue Tit nest height does not support the thermoregulation hypothesis PDF

Stanislaw Tworek, Artur Golawski, Marek Jobda & Jakub Z. Kosicki: The varying impact of agri-environment schemes on birdlife in two regions of Poland PDF

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