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Artur Golawski, Emilia Mróz & Zbigniew Kasprzykowski: Breeding performance of the White-winged Tern (Chlidonias leucopterus) in two habitat types at the edge of their distribution range PDF

Raimo Virkkala: Variation in population trends and spatial dynamics of waterbirds in a boreal lake complex PDF

Friederike Böhm, Judith Brückner, Danny Eichhorn, Rina Geiger, Beate Johl, Stefan Kahl, Iris Kleudgen, Kolja Köhler, Valerie Kreifelts, Katja Metschke, Marie Meyer, Ann-Christin Richter, Brian Schulze, Ruth-Marie Stecker, Philip O.M. Steinhoff, Martin Winter & Klaus Fischer: Cloud cover but not artificial light pollution affects the morning activity of Wood Pigeons PDF

Magne Husby: Factors affecting road mortality in birds PDF

Juan Arizaga, Daniel Alonso & Alberto Castro: Are age and body condition associated with habitat quality around avian song posts? A test with male Bluethroats at a breeding site in Spain

Julia Bojarinova, Olga Babushkina, Valery Shokhrin & Olga Valchuk: Autumn migration of the Long-tailed Tit (Aegithalos c. caudatus) at the opposite sides of the Eurasian continent PDF

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